"As the second employee, Carrie was instrumental to the growth and development of Edie Parker. She not only functioned as the Vice President of Sales, but also created the infrastructure which allowed the brand to thrive. Carrie is a culture leader and is well regarded by her peers and team members. She would be an asset to any organization." 

- Brett Heyman, Founder, Edie Parker


"Carrie exercises shrewd judgement in growing a business and developing relationships. She is not only analytical and results oriented, but also approaches her management style with a sense of humor and pragmatism."

- Lela Katsune, President, Judith Leiber Couture Ltd.

"Carrie is a valuable and strategic thought leader across sales, marketing and operations. She adapts to new environments easily, and continuously delivers creative ideas and diligent execution. She is a pleasure to be around, bringing a strong work ethic and an energetic smile to any situation.

- Nicole Heim, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Cienne


"Carrie has proven to be an expert in sales and merchandising. She comes to the table with valuable feedback about product while remaining true to the integrity of the designer and her process. She is easy to work with, has excellent communication skills, and always provides deliverables on time."

- Geraldine Morley, Founder, MODStudio LLC        


"Carrie puts relationships first. She authentically builds powerful business relationships that are only strengthened by her keen attention to detail and results."

- Aubrie Pagano, Co-Founder and CEO, Bow & Drape


"Working with Carrie is always an easy and successful partnership. She brings unique ideas to the table that are exciting - both creatively and commercially.

- Rachel Verghis, CEO goo.ey


"Carrie has a strong understanding of the operations process down to the finest details. As a result, she is able to build strong vendor relationships and negotiate the best possible pricing. She has fantastic communication skills and is able to achieve goals through negotiation without compromising quality."

- Becky Kim, Managing Partner, YPS Logistics 


"From the beginning of Edie Parker’s operations system implementation, Carrie was pinpoint accurate in knowing what the business needed. As a result, she was able achieve tremendous improvement in efficiency for the brand."

- Sean Y. Jeon, Founder, Fashion Flow ERP