CS Consulting is the ideal partner for a growing brand with changing needs.  We offer flexibility in duration, scope and financial commitment of our projects.  Whether you need someone to sit on your advisory board, daily support, or occasional assistance, CS Consulting can help. In addition to the services outlined below, we are happy to create a custom plan to fit the specific needs of your business.

Wholesale and Retail Sales

  • Sales strategy development and execution
  • Wholesale account management
  • Omnichannel integration
  • Training and Communications program development
  • Special event/trunk show/trade show/market planning and administration
  • Brand collaboration management

Merchandising and Product Development

  • Competitive analysis
  • Pricing strategy
  • Merchandising plans using market trends and sales analytics
  • Specialized product for key markets and events
  • New product category development
  • Visual merchandising 

Operations and Back Office

  • Operations best practices guidance
  • ERP, inventory and order management system implementation
  • Budget creation
  • Review expenses and remove operational inefficiencies
  • Warehousing and third party logistics solutions